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This page shows the whole list of codes, all in alphabetical order, showing the reward, and showing whether it's valid or invalid. If you're having trouble redeeming a code, here's some reasons why you might've not been able to redeem it.

  • Make sure it's spelled right. Many people have this mistake and you need to spell it right in order to pick it up as you redeeming it.
  • Make sure it has the correct character/capitalized correctly. The code system is really case sensitive, so you need to have the right characters.
  • You may have already redeemed the code. If you try redeeming and code and it says "ALREADY USED", you have already used it.
  • Make sure if the code is expired or not. Many codes will probably be expired/invalid if they've lasted long.
  • Where can I get codes? The only place you can get codes as of now are on am_brick's twitter. Now, here's the list of codes.
  • Some codes may be invalid now and some might not be on this list. To add or update a code's information, click on "Edit" and put on whatever code has not been put on or update to see if they are invalid/valid. (You need to make an account to edit the page.)

This first list shows all of the codes total you redeem with how much you get from all of them. Here is the total.

Total Rewards
3,450 Coins
500 Rupees

Total Redeemable Codes: 11

Code List

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Valid/Invalid Code Reward
Valid coolbeans 500 Rupees
Valid freee 500 Coins
Valid fun 500 Coins
Valid hawt 100 Coins
Valid hoorah 500 Coins
Valid letsgo 1,000 Coins
Valid moneys 100 Coins
Valid new 50 Coins
Valid release 50 Coins
Valid update2 500 Coins
Valid weirdgame 150 Coins